Buddha Statue

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The Buddha Statue is the touch positive energy you're missing in your home decor. It is an inspirational and meaningful addition to your personal space that will bring a sense of calm and good vibes to any environment.

The piece is handcrafted to convey a vintage, classic and clean look to it. The solid sandstone block is handled with maximum attention to detail, resembling the original religious items used in Buddhism.

Great for a gift or as a treat to yourself, the Buddha Statue will allow you to deeply connect your inner space with your living area. It works as a constant reminder to take your daily time to enter the mindfulness state your soul craves.

Buddha Statue Characteristics


Material: Sandstone

Size: Approx. 2.56x2.17x3.54in / 6.5x5.5x9cm


You should handle the Buddha Statue carefully to keep it pristine through time, as with all handmade pieces. Do not wash this piece: wipe it with a dry, soft cloth to mitigate dust aggregation.