Chromatic Pitch Pipe

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Our Chromatic Pitch Pipe is a small device used to provide a pitch reference for musicians without absolute pitch. Although it may be described as a musical instrument, it is not typically used to play music as such - technically, it is a harmonica, so you totally can make music with it. 

The earliest pitch pipes were instruments rather like a recorder, but rather than finger holes, they had a plunger like a slide whistle's. The pipe was generally made of wood with a square bore, and the plunger was leather-coated. On this plunger are marked the notes of either the chromatic scale or the diatonic scale, and by setting it to the correct position, the indicated note will be produced when the instrument is blown.

Although not looking like a pipe, the pitch pipe name is still applied to any device used as a pitch reference like our Chromatic Pitch Pipe. Some pitch pipes are intended for tuning string instruments, and only provide reeds for notes appropriate to a particular instrument, but chromatic pitch pipes like ours are favored by acappella singers and timpanists. 

With thirteen different notes, it is the perfect Chromatic Pitch Pipe if you have ever been looking for one.