DRUME Incense Holder


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The Incense Holder is a key accessory for incense lovers. Burning incense will help you create a spiritual balance in your home, clean the air from bad energies and negative vibes.

Creating a healthy, calm and balanced home environment is essential to lead a harmonious, stable and happier life. It will benefit not only those who live in the space, but also visitors that connect with the relaxing surroundings.

This holder piece is great to keep your incense ashes in one place, without disturbing the experience for you. It is also visually appealing, working great as a decor item as well.


DRUME Incense Holder Characteristics


Material: Alloy
Size: Approx. 1.97x0.39in / 5x1cm

You should handle the Incense Holder carefully to keep it pristine through time, as with all handmade pieces. You should wipe it with a dry, soft cloth to mitigate dust and incense aggregation. 

Product Reviews

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Very nice
Written by Cindy P.

Nice, I like the distinctive measured openings since incense is never cut consummately so this can give a tight fit to each estimate. I didn't understand the top part can fall off to put various types of incense on the bigger plate. Great quality and weight, looks nice on my special stepped area

My wife loved it
Written by Paul C.

I was impressed with the sturdiness, quality, finish and design of the incense holder. My wife loved it when it arrived - five stars from us!

No more ashes all over the place
Written by Jenny F.

I love my new incense holder. It gets all the ashes and holds a wide range of incense stick sizes. It's likewise exceptionally lovely.

Small and unique
Written by Tracy G.

Love this incense holder! I was searching for something little and different to hold my incense and it is perfect!! It makes a decent smoke/haze around the petals, looks beautiful

Great Holder
Written by Bia F.

Love it! Holds incense sticks well and keeps them straight so cinders don't wind up everywhere. It has a lot of spots to hold them too. I would suggest!

What a surprise
Written by Louise R.

Didn't know how this item would be made, but rather it's overly pleasant. Is extraordinary. Well justified, despite any trouble at the cost. I got this for my best friend's birthday and want it for myself!