DRUME Incense Holder

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The Incense Holder is a key accessory for incense lovers. Burning incense will help you create a spiritual balance in your home, clean the air from bad energies and negative vibes.
Creating a healthy, calm and balanced home environment is essential to lead a harmonious, stable and happier life. It will benefit not only those who live in the space, but also visitors that connect with the relaxing surroundings.
This holder piece is great to keep your incense ashes in one place, without disturbing the experience for you. It is also visually appealing, working great as a decor item as well.
DRUME Incense Holder Characteristics
Material: Alloy
Size: Approx. 1.97x0.39in / 5x1cm
You should handle the Incense Holder carefully to keep it pristine through time, as with all handmade pieces. You should wipe it with a dry, soft cloth to mitigate dust and incense aggregation.