Wade W. Bergner, Wisconsin, United States

- Children’s Book Author -

Nov 26, 2020


"Hey Wade here, I haven't did a video in a long time but just wanted to share with you this new toy that I got. It's a what they call a hand pan and it's like this bell sound but it's in a steel drum and you just use your fingers or you can use sticks to make the noise.


For the past year I’ve just been drawn to this this music, I saw a youtube video I think it was called hang massive. Just incredible they have these bigger pans it's two guys, just an amazing sound and I’ve just been drawn to it and listening over and over and I just thought “gosh it'd be fun”!

I don't have any musical background but I kept looking at it and thinking it sounded like you can learn it and even if you're just banging around it can sound pretty darn good. Anyways I just thought “hey what have I got to lose?!”. I keep doing that with most things in my life just kind of give it a shot and it is just wonderful.


I don't know how well it sounds but to me it feels really good, it's just super relaxing, the sound itself and the fact that it's actually on top of you and you can just feel the vibrations of it. And, yeah i'll just play a little bit of it for you so you know what i'm talking about.


Yeah no musical background… You can do this you mean just any tap sounds good so it's hard to really screw it up to be honest with you. So anyways have a great day hope to see you soon!”


John Kershaw III, California, United States

- Real Estate Agent -

Sep 12, 2020


"Hey everyone hope everyone's doing well just want to show you what I got in the mail today, this is the Drume Hand!


So you probably saw some of this advertised on Instagram, Facebook I finally got one.

First time with it tonight sounds pretty good it took about three months to get shipped from china, but nonetheless it's here and I am happy.

Not bad! It's a Drume Hand, check it out! You can also play it” [with your hands]

Show you what it looks like, it's kind of cool! That's it hope you enjoyed."



Taiyo Okamoto, New York, United States

- Japanese Visual Artist -

Jul 30, 2020


Opening My Birthday Gift Drume Hand


"My birthday gift Tongue Drum arrived today. I wanted to see how I resonate with this instrument. I had a wish to play an instrument these days, and I was interested in tongue drums because they have a comfortable sound. "