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Master the art of playing DRUME UFO Handpan instrument and let your musical creative process flow.

The DRUME UFO (hand pan) is a musical instrument which belongs to the idiophone class (instruments that create sounds through the vibration of the material itself without requiring strings, membranes, or external resonators). The DRUME UFO benefits from its special design with two hollow half-shells, in the shape of convex lenses, to deliver soft, fine musical notes. The top side, called Ding, has a center note placement, hammered into it, and several tone fields around that central area. The bottom part, called Gu, is a plain surface with a rolled hole in the center that can produce a tuned note when its rim is struck.

Melodic, relaxing, stress-free sounds can be produced with DRUME UFO, regardless of the level of musical knowledge and skills the users have. This item is suitable for all ability levels, regardless of the musical background.

The stable and charming sounds the DRUME UFO produces are due to the Helmholtz-resonator feature, embedded in the instrument production. Its 6 notes design, split into the central note and 5 tone fields, with perfect resonance vibration, allow all users to instinctively generate calming, soothing melodies that will reduce anxiety levels.

The DRUME UFO Handpan is generally played with the hands and fingers, helping to produce softer and warmer sounds while also providing a deeper connection with the instrument.

This is a must-have item when it comes to healing-through-sound therapies, yoga and mindfulness performances and events, or simply to connect with your inner thoughts.

About DRUME Music

The DRUME Music is a small company from the United States of America and we have been creating our own musical instruments since 2017. Focused on helping people relax and concentrate, we get inspired by nature to design sounds that help you reduce stress, relax, and make you happier.

The strong meditative tones of our drums and instruments are calming and great for relaxing anytime. Meditation. Yoga. Sound Therapy. Hiking. Camping. Musical Development. Simply place your hands on one of our DRUME Music products and instantly master the art of playing blissful music while entering a mindfulness state that you will want to return to in the future.

DRUME Music products are perfect for music education, yoga, meditation or even for beginners who want to learn how to play our instruments and experiment with new sounds and songs, developing new musical skills. There are no limitations or conditions to play DRUME Music instruments: you just need to be passionate about music, be willing to try new musical approaches and enjoy yourself while creating with DRUME Music products.

DRUME UFO Characteristics

The DRUME UFO is made of high-quality alloy steel sturdy material and a heat-treating surface that confer it durability and anti-rust properties.

The DRUME UFO size is 17in/43.18cm.

With the DRUME UFO you get:

carry-on bag

You should handle the DRUME UFO carefully to hold up its highest level of quality for a longer period of time.