DRUME Wood Kazoo


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DRUME Wood Kazoo

Master the art of playing DRUME Wood Kazoo and surprise your friends/family with your musical skills.

The DRUME Wood Kazoo, from America originally, is a musical instrument that works based on the humming action of its player.

A Kazoo belongs to the membranophone family (instruments that modify sounds through vibrating membranes), being classified as a type of mirliton, and resembles similar instruments that were used in ancient Africa, especially for ceremonial purposes.

Basically, when the player hums into a kazoo, a timbral quality is added to the player’s voice. Hummin is key! Do not blow into the instrument, otherwise you will not be benefiting from the full capacity of a kazoo. The humming action should be made on the flattened side of the kazoo and the oscillating air pressure created with make its membrane vibrate. Different volume strength and pitch can be achieved through different intensity variations the player applies when humming.

Very simple and intuitive to play, the DRUME Wood Kazoo is an amazing piece to give as a a gift and surprise friend and family. Everyone can play the kazoo, there’s no big science behind it: its lightweight, simple design, turn it into a versatile item that anyone from 8 to 80 years old can play. Have fun and let your creativity flow, connect with the instrument and deliver melodic sounds in a different way!

The DRUME Wood Kazoo is perfect to fulfill a new musical hobby of yours, it can easily help you pass time. It is a timeless piece, suitable for all age ranges and skill levels.


About DRUME Music

The DRUME Music is a small company from the United States of America and we have been creating our own musical instruments since 2017. Focused on helping people relax and concentrate, we get inspired by nature to design sounds that help you reduce stress, relax, and make you happier.

The strong meditative tones of our drums and instruments are calming and great for relaxing anytime. Meditation. Yoga. Sound Therapy. Hiking. Camping. Musical Development. Simply place your hands on one of our DRUME Music products and instantly master the art of playing blissful music while entering a mindfulness state that you will want to return to in the future.

DRUME Music products are perfect for music education, yoga, meditation or even for beginners who want to learn how to play our instruments and experiment with new sounds and songs, developing new musical skills. There are no limitations or conditions to play DRUME Music instruments: you just need to be passionate about music, be willing to try new musical approaches and enjoy yourself while creating with DRUME Music products.

DRUME Wood Kazoo Characteristics

The DRUME Wood Kazoo is made of solid wood, a sturdy material that confers durability.

The DRUME Wood Kazoo size is 3.94x0.59in/10x1.5cm.

With the DRUME Wood Kazoo you get:

2 mouth diaphragms

You should handle the DRUME Wood Kazoo carefully to hold up its highest level of quality for a longer period of time, as with all handmade products.

Product Reviews

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A classic
Written by Frank I. on 23rd Sep 2020

This is a classic in everyone's life, the wood finish is lovely and it is such a good size to carry everywhere and play around with. it's very limited in the sounds it makes, but if you learn to play it well you can still make the most of it.

For everybody
Written by Drew L. on 23rd Sep 2020

A great gift for anyone, very intuitive and easy to play with. great fun for kids, family and friends. we all know this instrument and can easily have fun with it I'm going to buy more to gift