DRUME Yoga Mat

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Yoga Mat is essential to yoga lovers. It enables a deeper connection with the activity, guaranteeing the comfort and convenience desired.
Yoga is an activity that implies a higher level of concentration in order to shut down your worries and connect with your body and soul in a way you reach a mindfulness state to recharge and relax.
Our mat helps you experiencing yoga the best way possible: it is very lightweight, portable and especially designed to provide a safe and comfortable foundation for your exercises. 
DRUME Yoga Mat Characteristics
Material: Suede + TPE
Size: Approx. 24.02x72.05in / 61x183cm
You should handle the Yoga Mat carefully to keep it pristine through time. Wipe it with a piece of cloth with little detergent; splash it with a bit of water until the detergent is rinsed out; let it fully fry before usage. Avoid long exposure periods in the sun and clean it regularly.