Lee M. on Jun 27, 2020

I'm a very musical person that is always trying to find new and different instruments to try out. I found the Drume Hand randomly but I thought it was so interesting that I had to have it. Being a person that always played chord instruments, I was excited to see how I was going to do with a percussion instrument, but actually it was pretty easy to catch on! Don't know if it's tuned to perfection but it sure is a lot of fun! Oh yeah...I recommend it.

Igor K. on Jun 19, 2020

A great rhythm instrument, plus its tuned with an 11-note range making it a great melody instrument also. Goes with many styles of music if you use it as background music, but when standing-alone it is very melodic and captivating.

Caroline S. on Jun 15, 2020

The DrumeHand was a truly pleasent surprise! I bought the drume without thinking much about it and was really surprised when it arrived. I don't have much music experience but i found out that playing simple melodies is actually pretty easy and intuitive. I have been having a blast since it arrived! I even took it to a beach hang out the other day and all my friends also fell in love with it. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Robert W. on Jul 3, 2020

I was interested in buying a steel drum and became aware of this instrument that I had never seen before. I purchased the Drume Hand and am pleased with what I received.

The drum measures about 10 inches in diameter, stands about six inches tall, and came with two rubber tipped mallets that are a little over 8 inches long. The package was packed nicely, double boxed, and the drum was shipped inside the protective case with the second box. The soft protective case did come with a strap.

All of the tongues produced nice tones, and the finish of the drum was very nice. The bottom featured three rubber feet that allowed it to sit level on a hard surface. I found it playable in my lap, on carpet, and on a hard surface with no notable difference in tone. I would recommend this product to others.

Ethan F. on Jun 25, 2020

I’ve been loving this little tongue drum! It’s a lot of fun to sit and come up with mesmerizing patterns and melodies. The notes are accurate and are properly in tune.

The sustain is crazy - when you play a note it will ring our for a long time. This little drum is also very loud, in a good way, I personally love how well the sound carries with it. I’ve found that I prefer the feel and sound of playing with the rubber mallets rather than with my hands.

You have to experience this drum in person to really understand the beauty of it!

Mariah N. on Jul 17, 2020

The DRUM is AMAZING and i use it as a tool for therapy with special needs kids. This is well done so that I can use it along side the child, where they copy the sound i make.

Besides the therapy, if you've never played one of these before, they're probably one of the most entertaining instruments that you can find. You do not need to know how to play any musical instruments, or know how to read any music, or anything like that AT ALL.

Just pick it up and start playing, either with your hands or with the provided sticks. Super fun, solid product, it will last and last even if you have little humans pounding on it.