Yoga Pillow

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The Yoga Pillow or bolster is a yoga accessory that will make you benefit on a deeper level from your yoga activities due to the better comfort, pose support and stretch improvement it provides.

You'll be able to reach deeper breathing and engage more with the activity by creating the perfect set to get the most out of that 'you' time. You'll no longer suffer from bad posture or the possibility of injuries due to lack of flexibility. 

Especially suitable for restorative yoga classes, the yoga pillow will help you reach total relaxation and tension release. 

Yoga Pillow Characteristics

Material: Organic Cotton

Size: Aprox. 27.56x11.81x5.91in / 70x30x15cm

You should handle the Yoga Pillow carefully to keep it pristine through time. The organic cotton material of the cotton cover is washable.